About Padre Pio Nursing Home

Objectives of Padre Pio Nursing Home

  • Our objective is to provide a high standard of care and treatment in keeping with best practice and current legislation, to dependent people who can no longer live at home.
  • To provide an environment which has a ‘Home from Home’ atmosphere.
  • The preservation of residents’ dignity, privacy and rights to autonomy is critical.
  • To ensure that our residents live in comfortable, clean and safe surroundings.
  • Our residents will be treated with respect and staff will be sensitive to individual needs and abilities.
  • Resident’s opinions and preferences will be taken into consideration and will be treated with respect.
  • To encourage residents to exercise choice, to the extent that the risk assessment allows. An environment which encourages individuality and self-awareness will be provided.
  • The staff at the Home will seek to develop, maintain and maximise the full potential of each Resident.
  • It is our objective to promote the greatest possible independence of every resident, no matter what their level of dependency.
  • Residents will be encouraged to retain links outside of the Home. They will also be encouraged to use these links as a form of alternative support and source of advocacy.
  • The quality of life in the Home will be enhanced by a wide range of activities provided by our in-house Activity Co-ordinators.

The Level of Needs that can be Accommodated
We can provide care for all levels of dependency from the lowest dependencies to the highest dependencies.