Our Philosophy of Care

  • Each staff member will respect your right to dignity.
  • Our staff will always address you as you wish to be addressed and will show sensitivity and tact in caring for you at all times.
  • Your right to decide what happens to you will be respected and your consent will be sought at all times
  • Each member of staff will respect your right to privacy.
  • You have the right to be undisturbed if you wish and staff will always knock at your door and wait for response before entering, however, this will be discussed with you on admission.
  • Each member of staff will respect your right to independence. We will help you to live an independent life as far as is possible.
  • We commit ourselves to finding out your likes and dislikes and to be guided by your individual preferences.
  • Each member of staff will respect your right to choice including your right to decide on going to bed and rising.
  • You tell us whether you wish to join in activities and what you prefer to eat.
  • When we compile your Care Plan it will be with you and/or your relatives or representative participation in the plan.
  • As far as possible, you will decide how you wish to live, and how you wish to be cared for.
  • We will ensure that your physiological, psychological, and social needs are fulfilled to your desired potential.
  • You will be allowed and assisted to follow the religion of your choice and to have any special needs in relation to this met.
  • If you wish you will be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time and make contact with relatives or friends whenever you choose.

Mission Statement

Padre Pio Nursing Home is committed to ensuring that our Residents achieve optimum quality of life and independence through individualised and holistically planned care. We believe that our services must be Resident centered and enhance life and not restrict it.

Padre Pio Nursing Home endeavors to maintain the highest possible standards of individualised care. We actively encourage the participation of families and friends and recognise the valuable contribution they make to the well being of our Residents.

We believe that we must demonstrate a tactful empathetic approach and operate in a flexible way with due regard to the privacy, dignity and welfare of all of our Residents.
Our philosophy of care incorporates at its core, the notion of creating an environment within which Residents are encouraged to express their individuality.

We are mindful that our staff are the driving force behind our standards of care, and we are committed to ensuring that all our staff receive ongoing, professional development and training.