Nursing Home Facilities

Laundry Facilities
We provide a laundry service for Residents’ personal clothing and can facilitate dry cleaning if required.
Resident’s property is insured under our Insurance Policy with Zurich Insurance Company (with the exception of very valuable items which are the responsibility of the Resident): if you are unsure please ask.
We have two cooks experienced in cooking for the Elderly, who offer a wide and varied menu catering for all dietary needs. Meals are served in the dining rooms or in the Resident’s own rooms if they prefer. Mid- morning and mid-afternoon snacks are also served. Late supper, nights-caps and refreshments are available throughout the night
While we wish to encourage an ‘open-door’ policy of visiting, we do ask that in the interest of Health and Safety and smooth delivery of services that friends and family refrain from visiting during mealtimes- specifically 12-1 pm and 4-5 pm. The wishes of each Resident regarding receiving visitors will be respected and will be monitored by the Nurse in charge. Children are always welcome in the Nursing Home but we ask that they are supervised by an accompanying adult.
There is one shop located in Holycross Village within walking distance from the Nursing Home. The shop stocks a range of food, newspapers, tobacco and personal items.
Personal Items
We strongly recommend Residents who are planning to stay for longer periods of time, to personalise their rooms. Any favourite ornaments, pictures, photographs, radio, etc would be ideal for this and we certainly arrange to have pictures, plates etc put up on the wall if required.
Your Doctor
Your family doctor will continue to care for you, visiting you in the Home as necessary. If you have moved outside your doctor’s area it may be necessary for you to register with another doctor. If this is necessary, we will discuss the matter fully with you and/or your family.
We encourage you to send money and valuables home where possible. We do not encourage our Residents to keep money or valuables on their person. If you wish to keep your money or valuables in your room, then a safe, lockable space can be provided but Padre Pio Nursing Home cannot accept responsibility for these items.